Schools Offering Phlebotomy Certification Training

Below you will find a list of phlebotomy schools that have programs and courses that can prepare you for your phlebotomy certification. Follow any one of these school links and you can then request an information package or speak with a qualified academic adviser.

What Phlebotomy Schools Offer Students

With today’s growing need for health care professionals in all areas of patient care, phlebotomy has become an excellent way to enter the medical field. Phlebotomy, also referred to as venipuncture, is the practice of drawing blood from patients as prescribed by a doctor. With such a large number of both traditional and online phlebotomy training courses, there is a wide selection of accredited phlebotomy schools to choose from.

Most phlebotomy training programs do require students to have a high school diploma or GED, although some phlebotomy schools will consider those who already have several years experience in patient care. Since the prerequisites for phlebotomy training can vary from school to school, it is important to ensure you have all the necessary requirements before beginning the registration process.

Working as a phlebotomist involves more than just the drawing of blood. There are many administrative and laboratory procedures that all phlebotomists must learn. Some of the topics included in accredited phlebotomy training courses include:

* Safety and infection control
* Laboratory procedures and testing methods
* Finger stick collection
* Understanding the difficult patient
* Basic medical terminology
* Dealing with young children and the elderly

Whether one chooses to enroll in an online phlebotomy training program or attend a traditional college campus, it is vital that it includes hands on, practical training in the drawing of blood. This is a critical component as students are required to have a pre-determined number of actual blood draws as part of their professional phlebotomy certification. It is a good idea to check with more than one phlebotomy licensing association to ensure that the program you choose adequately prepares you for your certification exam.

Getting as much information as you can from several different phlebotomy schools will help you choose the program that is best suited to your particular needs. Simply click on the links below and fill out the information requested to receive a more detailed description of each school’s program. Remember to answer all the questions asked as this will enable the program advisers to give you all the information that is pertinent to your situation.

Phlebotomy Schools by State


Fortis Institute Graduates will acquire the training and skills needed for exciting job opportunities that are in high demand.

Request information about phlebotomy training at Fortis Institute.


University of Alaska Anchorage Valuable relationships with national organizations make University of Alaska the natural choice for students who are looking for excellence in training in their chosen field.


Fortis Institute With personalized attention at Fortis Institute, students will be ready for work and have a distinct advantage with future employers.

Receive info about phlebotomy certification from Fortis Institute.

Kaplan College Kaplan College’s flexible program schedules together with instructor who are experts in their field provide the perfect environment for working adults who want to take their careers to the next level.

Request more info from Kaplan College.


Newbridge College Newbridge College focuses on the practical skills and the high caliber programs that prepare their students for the demands of today’s competitive job market.

Learn more about programs at Newbridge College.

Institute for Business and Technology With part time employment opportunities, students at Institute for Business and Technology receive both professional and high quality training and will be prepared for entry level positions as Phlebotomists or Lab Assistants.

To request info contact the Institute for Business and Technology.

CSI Career College The CSI Phlebotomy Program is fully approved by the California Department of Health Services/Laboratory Field Services (DHS/LFS)

Find out more from CSI: CSI Career College.

Empire College Students enrolled in the Phlebotomy training program receive the high level instruction that will prepare them to complete their certification exams.

Learn more about programs at Empire College.

National Career Education Upon completion of the Phlebotomy Technician coursework, students will be well prepared for their certification exams and ready for entry level positions in a variety of medical settings.

Recieve further information from National Career Education.

Kaplan College Gain the skills necessary to take your CLPlb (Clinical Laboratory Phlebotomist exam) through Kaplan’s career education programs.

Speak to an academic advisor at Kaplan College.


IntelliTec Medical Institute Learn both the theoretical and practical skills necessary to become a Phlebotomist in a few months rather than years.

Go to the request form for IntelliTec Medical Institute.

Kaplan College Coursework at Kaplan’s is customized to the students’ needs in order to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

Speak to an advisor at Kaplan College.


City College Learn Phlebotomy procedures such as blood collection and lab testing in a supportive and personal environment.

Find out more about Phlebotomy training at City College.


Fortis Institute Admissions representatives are dedicated to helping each prospective student through the entire application process and classes are taught by experts in the field of phlebotomy throughout the program.

Get your phlebotomy certification at Fortis Institute.

Kaplan College Students at Kaplan College receive personal attention 24/7 and have access to their virtual classrooms for the duration of their program.

Learn about options available from Kaplan College.

Central Georgia Technical College Gain both the classroom and practical skills necessary to become a Phlebotomy technician.

Receive info from Central Georgia Technical College.

Darton College’s Allied Health Division Students will perform 100 venipunctures, 25 skin punctures and receive 200 hours of clinical training to ensure they are well prepared to work in a variety of medical settings.

Get your phlebotomy cert at Darton College’s Allied Health Division.

Savannah Technical College’s Allied Health Department The one year Phlebotomy certification program includes classes in both venipuncture and physiology.

Request more information from Savannah Technical College.


National College Learn both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to become a Phlebotomy technician.

Learn more about programs at National College.

Fortis Institute Making sure that all students are adequately prepared for their certification exams is taken seriously by all Fortis Institute instructors.

Learn more about programs at Fortis Institute.

Kaplan College The combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training provides Phlebotomy students with all the skills and knowledge necessary to pass their certification exams.

Request phlebotomy program info at Kaplan College.


Southwestern College Southwestern College prepares students to meet entry level positions in a variety of healthcare settings.

Learn more about our programs at Southwestern College.

National College Gain the necessary skills required to become a medical lab technologist through the Phlebotomy Career Studies Certificate at National College.

Learn more phlebotomy courses from National College.

Spencerian College Spencerian College teaches students the necessary skills along with the technical knowledge to take their ASCP exam.

Get phlebotomy certification from Spencerian College.

ATA College Students can take advantage of small instruction groups when learning procedures for gathering specimens, proper safety precautions and all other skills necessary to become professional Phlebotomists.

Receive phlebotomy course info from ATA College.


Northeast Technical College Learn the practical job skills required to collect blood samples from patients safely for the purpose of diagnosis in a laboratory.

Get fully trained at Northeast Technical College.


Fortis Institute Reach your career goals by enrolling in Fortis Institute’s Phlebotomy programs that will give you the skills and confidence needed for an exciting career in the medical field.

Learn more about programs at Fortis Institute.


Miller-Motte Technical College Become a certified Phlebotomist working in the health care field by taking Phlebotomy training at Miller-Motte.

Request info from Miller-Motte Technical College.

Northeast Technical Institute Learn the clinical training required along with the necessary classroom instruction needed to work as a Phlebotomist.

Learn more about programs at Northeast Technical Institute.


Kaplan College Kaplan’s Phlebotomy training program teaches students to collect blood, work in a lab and perform the necessary administrative duties in a variety of medical settings.

Learn more about programs at Kaplan College.

New Hampshire

Salter School of Nursing & Allied Health Gain the skills required for blood collecting and learn the important role Phlebotomy plays within today’s healthcare system.

Learn more about programs at Salter School of Nursing & Allied Health.

North Carolina

Miller-Motte Technical College Become a certified Phlebotomy technician working in such venues as community clinics, hospital laboratories, physician’s offices and a host of other medial venues.

Learn more about programs at Miller-Motte Technical College.

Kaplan College Gain the training you need to start your career in the ever growing medical field.

Find out more about phlebotomy courses at Kaplan College.


Southwestern College Gain the skills needed to works as a Phlebotomist in medical facilities such as clinics, blood banks, hospital labs and plasma centers.

Learn more about phlebotomy from Southwestern College.

National College National College’s Phlebotomy diploma program teaches students procedures for infection control, how to read lab requisitions as well as performing a variety of blood collecting techniques.

Earn your phlebotomy certificate at National College.

Miller-Motte Technical College Let Miller-Motte teach you what you need to know to take your Phlebotomy certification exam and begin your career in the medical field.

Contact Miller-Motte for details: Miller-Motte Technical College.

Fortis InstituteFortis Institute takes pride in preparing students for challenging careers in high demand industries such as Phlebotomy Technicians.

Learn more about programs at Fortis Institute.

Kaplan College As a leader in Phlebotomy training, Kaplan College will prepare you for an exciting career in the medical field.

Receive information about phlebotomy from Kaplan College.


Fortis Institute Let the admissions staff at Fortis Institute help you in selecting the program that is best suited to help you fulfill your career goals.

Find out the requirements from Fortis Institute.

South Carolina

Miller-Motte Technical College The Phlebotomy training program includes classes in physiology, skin puncture techniques, anatomy, patient care and more.

Take a phlebotomy training at Miller-Motte Technical College.

Fortis Institute Get the high caliber training that prospective employers are looking for in the growing field of Phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy certification training at Fortis Institute.


National College In addition to blood collecting techniques, students learn proper procedures in the handling, processing and transportation of blood samples.

Request phlebotomy certification info from National College.

Miller-Motte Technical College Get the certification required to work as a professional Phlebotomist by enrolling in Miller-Motte Technical College today.

Receive more information from Miller-Motte Technical College.


Kaplan College Graduates of Kaplan’s Phlebotomy training program have the training, skills and confidence needed to work hospital labs, community medical centers and more.

Request info from Kaplan College.


Fortis Institute Fortis Institute graduates have the training and confidence that the field of Phlebotomy demands.

Find out more at Fortis Institute.


National College Learn what it takes to become a Phlebotomy technician through extensive classroom work and hands on practical training in the art of blood collecting.

Take your phlebotomy course at National College.

Miller-Motte Technical College Phlebotomy technicians are in high demand and Miller-Motte Technical College will teach you the theoretical skills and provide you with the hands on experience needed to take your Phlebotomy certification exams.

Get more details from Miller-Motte Technical College.

Fortis Institute Employers seeking phlebotomists come to Fortis Institute knowing that they will be getting expertly trained professionals in the field.

Request more info from Fortis Institute.


Kaplan College Train to be a Phlebotomy technician through a program of classroom and hands on lab work.

Learn more about programs at Kaplan College.

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